Hennion & Walsh

Encouraging nostalgic Americans to invest for retirement planning.


US-based Hennion & Walsh are the experts in municipal bonds. However their target audience, later life-stage Americans, know little about the brand and even less about the bonds as an excellent investment for retirement planning. A digital campaign might seem the most cost-effective way to reach this widespread market and drive response. But internet usage varies wildly amongst the audience, making comms planning complicated.


We turned back the clock with a print campaign appearing across the US, from the New York Times to the LA Times. Imagery and headlines cast our audience’s minds back to their youth, as did long copy of which David Ogilvy would have been proud. Their audience may not be digitally-savvy, but Hennion & Walsh can be. So we also reviewed their digital footprint, from SEO to social. We then developed a new digital strategy, including content distribution, engagement and tracking.


Using our social media proposals, Hennion & Walsh have recorded a substantial leap in engagement rates. Some posts have gone from fifty impressions to two thousand. Steffen Pelz, Senior Vice President of Marketing, said of AML, “The agency has become true specialist consultants to us. Their understanding of our business has really helped us move our digital communications practices and channels forward.”