Supporting business. As usual.


SMEs are the backbone of the UK economy and in the 2020 pandemic, many were dealing with unprecedented challenges. With the banks slow to respond and no immediate help coming from the Government, Bibby – as long-term champions of SMEs – could offer exactly the fast funding businesses needed and could do it quickly. AML spotted the opportunity and approached Bibby with a campaign that would help SMEs – and of course Bibby themselves.


The campaign reassured SMEs that Bibby would be ‘Supporting business. As usual’, throughout the crisis. Whether they were experienced or reluctant borrowers, from shops to manufacturing, by unlocking the cash in their businesses Bibby could be the right partner at the right time. The campaign launched across targeted digital, outdoor, print, social and video featuring workers from key industries with headlines like: ‘When others say ‘no’, Bibby say ‘now’.

“AML has come up with a campaign that communicates much about who we are, what we believe and how we like to operate as a business. Over the years we have built a reputation via a proven track record of supporting and partnering with thousands of SMEs, and this campaign reinforces the clear message that we are here to help businesses get to where they want to go.’ – Adam Park, UK Marketing Director at Bibby Financial Services