A new online universe showcasing unique expertise in digital innovation.


Disruptive technologies are propelling the financial services sector into a new age. From teaming up with FinTechs to the latest cybersecurity challenges – change is happening at a startling speed. Law firm Simmons & Simmons commissioned a report based on interviews with senior decision-makers in FS, exploring the challenges they face and their need to accelerate change. Our challenge was to bring these findings to life in a way that would engage with and be easily digestible for a time-poor, C-suite audience.


Welcome to Hyperfinance, our name for a new era. By giving Simmons & Simmons this ownable property, we set them apart from the familiar language around FinTechs and innovation, and created a content-led campaign dramatising the pace of change. To showcase the firm’s expertise in digital innovation, we designed and built an online universe for them. Our animated infosnacks highlight key findings from their research and, using paid and organic social, attract visitors to the Hyperfinance site. Once there, they can access the full report, which we also designed, as well as the hub of Hyperfinance videos and articles.

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