J O Hambro

Shaping a stand-out brand for an agile, resilient investing firm. 


JO Hambro Capital Management is a boutique investment house with well-respected fund managers – for those in the know. With the managers doing a good job of ‘selling’ the company because of their high profiles– a clearly articulated brand hasn’t been a priority. But, as with all ambitious (and prudent) organisations, JO Hambro knew that to go to the next level they needed to develop a brand positioning that told people why they’re different.


We conducted research with key stakeholders about what made JO Hambro stand apart. The brand positioning we then developed, ‘Smarter, better, tougher’, articulates a lean, focused organisation that uses its wits and skills to thrive in all conditions. For advertising, we chose a cool (in both senses) mint green to stand out in the investment sector. Simple yet expressive illustrations and animations, combined with imaginative analogies, complete the new brand platform. And it’s worked. Campaign results have been way above average for digital media. But, perhaps most satisfying of all, JO Hambro’s fund teams have all been asking when they’ll get their own ad.