Breaking down the wealth barriers for a revolutionary fintech platform.


In the world of wealth management, the advised want to save money and the self managed want to save time. Robo platforms offer both – but take away either control or bespoke portfolio construction. All new entrants claim to offer uniquely the same functionality. How does a genuinely revolutionary platform, offering institutional-grade services and tools at low cost, cut through?


We created ‘Start your revolution’, a campaign about breaking down the barriers to wealth. By turning a diverse range of faces upside down, our ads signify revolution and financial democratisation. The result is a head-turning outdoor, digital and national press campaign. And it’s all down to combining creativity with psychology, using what’s called the Thatcher Effect. If you look closely, the heads are upside down but the eyes are the right way up. These visuals, together with compelling headlines, have a magnetic effect on passers-by. We even created our very own Royal Wedding version. It shows how Exo is breaking down wealth barriers, like Meghan and Harry have sought to break down social ones.