Tough Mudder takeover - are Britain's IFAs more active than Vanguard?


Ask a UK financial adviser about Vanguard, and they’ll talk about great service and industry-leading low-cost passive investing. They might not talk about Vanguard’s expertise in active investing. They should; in fact, Vanguard are one of the largest active investment managers in the world, with a track record that goes back to 1975.  So the challenge was to get advisers to think active, and think Vanguard.



The very first takeover of a Tough Mudder event was the answer. Tough Mudder involves a 5, 10 or 15k run across hills and muddy streams – with ice-filled troughs, rope ladder towers and even 10,000 volt electric shocks to make it more fun. The simple idea was to invite advisers along to see if they are as ‘active’ as Vanguard. A targeted digital campaign starring suited advisers covered in buckets of mud got an amazing response, with well over a thousand IFAs doing the first Vanguard Tough Mudder. And of course, many more making the link between active investing and Vanguard.