AML Inspiration: Alex Telfer

The fourth instalment of our AML Inspiration series saw award winning photographer / director, Alex Telfer, share his work and creative insights with the AML team in an exclusive seminar. Alex has shot effective and memorable editorial campaigns for inter alia The Observer, BBC, Guinness, Sky One, and The British Heart Foundation. Alex also worked with AML before on the BTEC campaign.

Alex Telfer is an Advertising, Editorial and Fine Art Photographer who was honoured with the No.1 status in Campaign magazine’s Top 10 Photographers in 2009, voted the IPA ‘Photographer of the Year’ in 2017, and has been included in the D+AD Annual. There is a cinematic sensibility at play, where Alex’s interest for visual storytelling reveals the stories of his sitters and the places he visits, from a human perspective. Alex’s campaigns/personal work are characterised by the resilience and integrity of his subjects. For example, the portrait of Jimmy Page below:

Alex has travelled extensively to produce stunning, flawlessly executed assignments such as Signs of Life and Salton Sea.

Alex has also produced work that raises awareness of Thyroid Eye Disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Amnesty International, RNLI, Gun Crime, Knife Crime, Drink Aware and ADHD Awareness.

Recent commissions have seen Alex complete commercial campaigns for Lurpak, Canal+, Guinness, Visa, Network Rail, Martini, Fred Perry, Nike and KFC.


Thank you to Alex and to Peter Bailey for hosting our unique seminar.