AML takes USA ads back to the future

In an advertising strategy that would have been commonplace back in 1985, AML is launching a national ad campaign across the USA for Hennion & Walsh using exclusively ‘old school’ newspaper ads to reach a pre-retirement audience.

Through full-page ads in quality newspapers including the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times and USA Today, the ads draw on the audience’s collective youthful memories – from when Marty McFly first took a trip in the DeLorean. That’s long before websites, landing pages, QR codes or social media – and because toll-free telephone calls still work best with this audience, that’s how we’re inviting them to respond.

It’s easy to imagine that the targeting and development of all audience relationships can be achieved through smart digital content distribution and the fine tuning of an algorithm or two. But not all communications challenges are best resolved digitally. Different markets and different demographics continue to display different media consumption habits; what to many is ‘old school’ print is still the channel of choice for US pre-retirees.

In the coming weeks Hennion & Walsh will run a three-way controlled test with the AML campaign, developed to engage at a more emotional level than previous direct response ads. The results will inform the creation of an extended national press campaign in 2016.

The ad shown does not constitute a solicitation by Hennion & Walsh or on behalf of Hennion & Walsh and is purely intended as an example of the work performed.