#DontTrump – a simple idea for complicated times

The US Presidential Election 2016 has become one of the most bizarre spectacles in modern politics.

It has also led to some of the most creative political ads ever – one of them was a simple poster idea from AML, the winner of the agency’s internal creative competition. It quickly went viral winning over 5 million views and becoming the lead story on Adweek.

As the debates between Trump, Clinton and their supporters become more heated and the election itself approaches, we’ve developed the idea further with a video version, a social media campaign and even campaign hats.

In Republican white on red the hats carry the clear message to voters in Donald Trump’s name – DON’T – and on the back they read ‘AML – Making Advertising Great Again’ as a tongue in cheek reference to Trump’s campaign slogan.

You can watch the video ad now:

And here’s a video of the story behind the idea:

Wear your hat with pride – and tweet #DontTrump!