Fancy a drink after work?

AML’s answer to social distancing is a virtual pub – the AML Arms

Here’s a simple idea for making social distancing less antisocial. We’ve opened an online pub called the AML Arms where everyone’s invited after work for that quick one, to share the gossip, have a laugh and enjoy their favourite pint or a cocktail (the quarantini is going down well this week).

Like any pub, there’s music and occasional standup comedy. Kids and dogs are welcome, and clients are invited as long as they don’t talk about work. It’s a bit chaotic and sometimes hard to hear what anyone’s saying, like a typical Friday night down the pub. Or like a lot of conference calls – and in fact the AML Arms is hosted on the Teams video platform.

Ad agencies thrive on close collaboration and the best ideas often come from chance conversations – so remote working could be a real challenge. Instead, thanks to smart thinking and good use of technology, AML is finding that new ways of working can bring new energy.

It’s just one way AML is staying positive in the current crisis. We’re also working closely with clients like AXA and Vanguard to continue delivering global campaigns, supporting the UK Government with security communications and investing in social and financial inclusion projects like The Big Exchange.

For more details (or if you’d like to join us for a glass or two) get in touch!

The AML Arms has featured in Management Today, City AM and CNBC.