An independent approach to global campaigns

In the sectors where AML Group works – finance, professional services, even national security – borders are barely relevant any more. Our clients, audiences and digital media channels are part of a global super-culture; so our ideas have to be up there with them.

In a connected world, organisations are able to operate freely almost anywhere. People who work in knowledge businesses can move from one country to another more readily than ever before. Global audiences get their news, entertainment and information from the same shared sources.

Cultural, language and political differences happily still exist; and the technology exists to transcreate and transmit  specific messages that work for local audiences. But for multinational communications similarities are rapidly becoming greater than differences, even in the regulation of multinationals. And that means an already enormous opportunity for international organisations to run global campaigns from a central marketing hub.

For creative agencies too, the game has changed completely. The need for local offices managing local campaigns as part of an international network has largely gone. Multi-channel, integrated campaigns can be created, mastered, localised and delivered digitally – with adaptations that reflect local difference – in any language, any medium and any territory.


This is not news. AML has been doing it for a long time, working closely with media networks, implementation partners, research agencies and local client offices. But what’s changing is the constantly-improving technology that makes it all possible; we believe it’s now easier for clients to co-ordinate a global campaign through a single hub in London than to work with an old-style network.

One team, one brief, one set of objectives and metrics. And the benefits to our clients – economic as well as strategy – of one simple idea that aligns and unifies global communications should be immediately apparent. Although as ever, the proof is in the delivery.

In just eight weeks from inception, our global brand platform for Robeco was live in ten languages and twenty-seven countries around the world, far exceeding campaign targets within three months of launch. We’re currently running campaigns worldwide for several clients, big and small. And we’re running local campaigns in specific countries all over the world – like Italy, Japan and nationwide across the USA.

There’s still a place for the large agency networks. But for many clients especially in complicated business areas – finance, professional services, security, technology – we think it’s time for a new, independent approach. To find out more, get in touch at