Happy World Emoji Day!

July 17th is World Emoji Day. To mark the occasion, we held a quick vote to find out which are our favourite (and least favourite) emojis.

Emojis have almost become standard when it comes to online messaging and discussion. They help contextualise comments and add colour to a conversation. It’s no longer just millennials using the little devils!

The smiley face

It turns out that AMLers use quite a lot of different emojis. But for most, simple is good, so the classic smiley face is the most popular.

The woman dancing

For those with a bit of flair and who enjoy a night out on the dancefloor, this emoji is a must.

The rolling eyes face

A favourite for many, who say it’s a perfect reaction for many situations in their lives!

Any emoji with a cat

As emojis are a digital phenomenon, we couldn’t exclude the rulers of the internet, cats!

However, to go along with our favourite emojis, we did also have a clear winner for the most disliked.

The crying while laughing emoji

As a visualisation of rolling on the floor laughing, it’s about as annoying as ‘ROFL’ itself – especially when people use it about their own comment!

So there we have our favourite and least favourite emojis. Simple wins, but there’ll always be a place for silly.