International Women’s Day 2021

Sing out for the unsung heroines.

You know that person who doesn’t make a fuss? How they juggle a career with two little ones and are still the funniest person at the pub? How they always listen, and manage to offer you a doughnut at exactly the right time? We know her too. This year, we’re dedicating International Women’s Day to those unsung heroines, who inspire us to be better, any way we can. So, let’s meet them.


Hobie Walker, Head of Wellbeing

Nominated: Hannah Walker

“My daughter Hannah is a Paediatric Dietician, who’s been working throughout lockdown, under very stressful conditions. Despite the long hours, she’s managed to find time to volunteer for the charity Made In Hackney – a plant-based Community Cookery School, which gives free cooking classes.

She is always thinking about how to help others, and has befriended an elderly, isolated woman in her community. She regularly goes to see her with baked goodies, keeping her company when she needs it. Hannah is also an amazingly knowledgeable forager, often taking groups out on walks. She is passionate about the environment and really lives out this ethos – we have to hide any plastic packaging when she visits!”


Merope Beddard, Client Service Director

Nominated: Catherine Paterson

“Catherine works for the NHS as a Patient Flow Lead, ensuring that those who can leave hospital, are able to – with the proper support at home. Together with her team, she’s been playing a critical role in ensuring the NHS has not been overwhelmed in the pandemic. They now work longer hours, care for more patients and have tighter deadlines. Thanks, Cath.”


Constandina Patsalou, Marketing Manager

Nominated: Samantha Webb

“Samantha is an exceptionally thoughtful friend and sister. Despite the geographical distance between us, she has never failed to grab a stamp and forward a kind letter, card or sweet treat throughout the pandemic. Her inspirational words (or essays!) have impelled me to work harder, be more thougthful and appreciate everything that’s transpired this past year, whilst keeping a positive outlook towards the future. I also now have an excellent display shelf of punny cards and wise musings to return to.”


Marc Shalet, Account Director

Nominated: Miriam Schechter

“In the past year Miriam has been working in a hospital’s research department, supporting vital data analysis into Covid-19. The work from her and others has provided crucial insights in testing for and treating the virus. Her dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed either, as she has secured a highly sought-after place on the Cambridge graduate medicine course – so she can continue to help others in the future.”


Ian Henderson, CEO

Nominated: Jill Jackson

“A Scotswoman on a mission to bring financial inclusion and sustainable saving to the whole UK, Jill is the compact powerhouse behind the recent launch of The Big Exchange. Not only does she motivate people to put in far more than they expect, but her humour and energy ensures they do it with a smile.”