Looking back, looking forward

Here we are. Back in AML Towers and ready to face this new year with enthusiasm. So we’ll ignore the mathematical-astronomical disputes on whether 2020 kicked off a new decade or not, and just reflect on the changes that this year will bring to us and to the world.

What we’ll leave behind

Probably, the UK’s EU membership. And some of the most absurd Brexit moments of 2019. Such as the triple rejection of May’s deal, the Johnson’s suspension of Parliament in the hope of forcing a no-deal Brexit, Lady Hale’s spider brooch becoming an internet obsession after the Supreme Court declared the PM’s coup unlawful. It feels as if we’ve seen it all, but the road to the actual Brexit is still long (and we’re not looking forward to it).

Our AML Towers at 101 St. John Street. It’s a bittersweet feeling, but we’ll soon be leaving the building that’s been hosting us for seven years. We loved it so much that we’d be constantly moping around the building in tears, hugging handrails and kissing windows, if we weren’t also super excited for the new one – which we hope to show you all pretty soon!

Some politicians. We’ve just held our general elections, but in 2020 many others will have the chance to replace who’s in charge of their countries –for the worse or the better. Presidential elections will take place in the USA, Taiwan and the Dominican Republic, while other important polls will be happening in Peru, Slovakia, Israel, North Macedonia, Chile, Serbia, Bolivia, Trinidad and Tobago, and New Zealand.


What we’ll take with us


The trophies that filled our shelves in 2019. We’ve been highly commended as Agency of the Year by Oystercatchers and Best Brand Strategy in the FSF Marketing Effectiveness Awards, and won some Chip Shops Awards in both the UK and US editions. Awards aren’t everything, obviously, but we can’t deny we’ll take with us the hope of getting just as much recognition in 2020 – if not more!


The Big Exchange. Not only were we one of the founding members of this project (actually in the room back when the idea was born) but we’ve also been working on this fabulous initiative for almost two years now so we couldn’t be more excited about its launch. Working with leading tech and financial firms, we’ve invented a simple, inclusive financial system that could change the lives of many people. Definitely something worth having in everyone’s 2020.


Our passion for dogs. And there’s more of them! You’ve probably heard of Jellybean, the office toy cavapoo who we love unconditionally and who’ll be turning two this year. Well! 2020 might see a new puppy joining AML headquarters – the super-sweet Finn, who has already paid us a couple of successful visits. Fortunately, we’ve got a bottomless reserve of cuddles for both of them!