MIDAS awards – AML’s golden touch

MIDAS are the only global awards recognising creative excellence in the finance sector. So we’re delighted to have picked up a GOLD, a SILVER and FIVE other winner’s certificates in this year’s competition.


Gold goes to Pictet AM for the Thematics brochure, a real labour of love that shows how global megatrends inform the firm’s thematic investment strategies like the Water Fund and the Timber Fund. Weighing in at 60 beautifully-designed pages packed with fascinating infographics and informative copy, it’s a thumping reminder that print can still have a physical impact digital can’t.

Silver winner is a pan-USA national press campaign for retirement specialists Hennion & Walsh, based in New Jersey. Targeting pre-retirees in what is still their media channel of choice – newspapers like New York Times through to USA Today – the campaign uses images from their youth to point out the advantages of sensible wealth planning today.

Other winners include www.mega.online the digital magazine for Pictet AM and digital campaigns for GAM and Partnership, and outstanding illustrations for a multi-channel campaign for Robeco. AML took seven of the nine awards for UK agencies – and we’re very proud to be among the world’s best agencies in this complicated and challenging sector.

You can have a look at the full list of winners here