A new financial system that works for everyone

A group of leading fund managers, led by Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI), are working with The Big Issue and AML Group to launch a revolutionary mobile-first investment platform that will bring a wide range of social and environmental impact funds direct to a retail audience for the first time.

ASI Global Head of Distribution Campbell Fleming said, “Change in the way the UK invests is long overdue. Low cost, well-managed impact funds can help people do better with their savings, while doing good for society and the planet without sacrificing financial returns. That’s why we’re launching The Big Exchange.”

The Financial Times

A meeting called by Campbell in November 2017 led to the original concept, which brought together The Big Issue, investment managers, tech Platform builder FNZ, led by Phil Goffin and specialist marketing agency AML Group, led by Ian Henderson.

The fund managers will be featured in a ‘movement-based’ marketing programme using advanced consumer targeting (with Experian) via social and digital channels, together with profile-raising PR and advertising activity, coordinated by AML Group.

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The Big Exchange has received indications of support from major institutions for at least £1 million in funding. As well as the UK’s largest asset manager Aberdeen Standard Investments, Columbia Threadneedle Investments, AllianceBernstein and Alquity will join as founders and offer their impact funds on the platform.

Nigel Kershaw OBE, Chairman of The Big Exchange and The Big Issue Group, commented, “The Big Exchange follows exactly the same principles as The Big Issue and its co-founder Lord John Bird of a hand up, not a hand out. A mission-driven business that is more effective and sustainable because it’s not a charity. It will help millions of people to help each other build a better society. That’s huge.”

Clockwise from left: Investment Week, CityWire (Wealth Manager) and The Evening Standard