The Big Exchange. Where money counts for more.

The Big Exchange is the UK’s first actively-managed social, environmental and impact investment platform. Co-founded by The Big Issue and a coalition of heavyweight finance industry partners, it’s a big step towards a more inclusive financial system and it’s just gone live.

The Big Exchange gives people an opportunity to make a positive social and environmental difference with their money, without sacrificing financial returns. The unique business model brings together a powerful mix of fund managers, global impact investing and finance experts, corporates, and social enterprises who recognise the need to drive change. AML Group CEO Ian Henderson is one of the founders of The Big Exchange and the agency has been involved throughout in branding and communications for the project.

Nigel Kershaw OBE, Chair of The Big Exchange and of The Big Issue Group, commented: “We created The Big Exchange to transform the financial system and give the opportunity for everybody with savings to invest in funds that give them a financial return as well as making a positive impact on the world around them. Through the tragic COVID-19 crisis we are seeing more and more people wanting to make their money count for more both for today and for future generations.”

Jill Jackson, Managing Director of The Big Exchange, added: “We’re launching The Big Exchange so people can do better with their savings. Encouraging everyone to do better for themselves, at the same time as doing better for society and the planet. For the first time, regular UK investors will have access to active investments, managed by leading fund managers, and see them independently awarded medals for the extent of positive impact they are creating on people and the planet.”

Ian Henderson, a Co-Founder of The Big Exchange said: “I was proud to join forces with our co-founders, partners, and supporters and be part of a movement creating meaningful social impact – starting with the UK’s first actively managed social, environmental and impact investing platform.”

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