Did we predict the unpredictable?

At the start of 2017 (or close to it), we asked AMLers for their predictions for the year ahead. 6 months later, we look at how we’ve done so far.

One of the major themes in our predictions video was the fall of Donald Trump (possibly due to our award-winning poster?). While this has not yet come to pass, it is looking more and more likely every day, with senior officials being fired and the investigation into Russian hacking coming closer to revealing the truth.

We did manage to predict a few trends from the year. We managed to predict the rise of the autonomous vehicle, something we have seen with the popularity of the Tesla Model 3 (and was also predicted by our clients Pictet AM!). Another success was predicting the continued rise of Netflix – it now has around 100m subscribers across the world and is producing more original content than ever.

One big event we didn’t see coming was the call for another General Election and the rise of Jeremy Corbyn. Many of us at AML thought he would lose his position – but his success goes to show that social media marketing is a powerful force for any brand.

The main thing we have seen so far in 2017 is that everything is becoming messier and more confused, highlighting the need for simple ideas more than ever – another thing we predicted.

All in all, we don’t think we’ve done too badly with our predictions. We called some events correctly, with others seeming to come close to being correct – and as for the rest, there’s still another few months!