Simple ideas do good

On Thursday March 1st, we finally got to give the returns of our Simple Ideas Fund (SIF) to the the Cochlear Implanted Children’s Support Group (CICS). Tricia Kemp, CICS founder, came to accept the (ridiculously sized) cheque on behalf of her wonderful charity.

We found out about CICS from our very own, Jess Over, a Senior Account Manager here at AML.

Here are a few words from Jess about why she chose to put forward CICS.

“When I got the email about who we should donate the Simple Ideas Fund too I thought that CICS was the perfect fit.  They exist to help and support those who cannot hear – simple.  They have also made a big difference to my cousin’s life and his ability to talk, despite being born profoundly deaf, without impediment. It is thanks to the enormous support of Tricia Kemp, founder of CICS, that my cousin is living a normal life.  Her charity, The Cochlear Implanted Children’s Support Group, helps children who have or are considering cochlear implantation.

A cochlear implant is a medical procedure to insert an ear implant that allows hearing in deaf children/adults. The charities main role is to support families through face to face meetings, events, phone and email across the UK.  Her and others work helps families to navigate through the tricky times of getting to grips of living with a child that cannot hear.  I hope that this donation helps transform the lives of many other children and enables them to live their lives to the fullest.”


[Left to right: Ian Henderson; AML’s CEO, Tricia Kemp; CICS coordinater, Jess Over; Senior Account Manager, Miten Patel; Group Account Director (invested SIF), Harry Henderson, ex-AMLer (SIF originator)]

Learn more about CICS, the incredible work they do providing support for deaf children with cochlear implants and their families, and how you can get in touch with them, here.