How simple ideas are making money for charity!

A year ago we set up the AML Simple Ideas Fund, putting our money where our mouth is by investing in small companies solving complicated problems with simple ideas. It works: we’ve delivered 35% growth for charity.

The idea behind the Simple Ideas Fund was to make money for a charity which also solves complicated problems, and ideally one where our money will make a difference to someone at AML. And of course, to prove simple ideas work.

We had some great suggestions for charities big and small from people in the agency based on personal stories, local causes and simple ideas. It was a tough decision, but Senior Account Manager Jess Over’s idea answered the brief best.

Cochlear implants are a clever device that brings hearing to profoundly deaf children, like Jess’s young cousin, who can then be supported by the Cochlear Implanted Children’s Support Group to live a full life.

A simple solution to a complicated problem, a small charity where our money will really do some good, and an issue that’s close to home. Thanks Jess, we hope it helps.

This year we’ll be investing in what we believe in with the AML Simple Ideas Fund again. We’re already looking for more small companies that solve complicated problems with simple ideas.

Maybe an app that makes it easy for people to save for retirement. A simple, effective new technology that eliminates sea litter. Or at the other end of the scale, a new way of storing electricity.

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