Who won the Super Bowl?

Ian Henderson talks to Aaron Heslehurst on BBC TV News about PuppyMonkeyBaby, Doritos, Snickers and the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl, the US final of NFL American Football, is watched by 100 million people. The commercial breaks are the most expensive airtime there is, at $5million for 30 seconds. Advertisers vie to get their message across with everything from stars to slapstick to the surreal.

This year’s winners included Doritos with a hilarious spot about an unborn baby trying to grab its fathers’ tasty snack; Snickers with a spoof on the Marilyn Monroe grating shot starring Willem Dafoe (not as good as the UK version with Joan Collins in a soccer changing room) and the really unsettling PuppyMonkeyBaby for Mountain Dew.

The advertising has become content; the ads got many millions of views before the game itself and long afterwards – second and third screens have forever changed the relationship between audiences and TV ads. But as the Super Bowl shows, the death of television advertising is definitely oversold.